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Bradshawgate south end

Go north to junction with Great Moor Street
[looking north]

109k JPEG March 1996

You can either go up Great Moor Street or carry on along Bradshawgate.

[street and shops]

28k GIF 106k JPEG Bradshawgate from Manchester Road September 2000

Similar view to the one above but taken from the other side of the road.

[red brick building with a row of shops]

27k GIF 118k JPEG Block in Bradshawgate September 2000

A former shop in this block can be visited lower down this page.

[stone gateway between buildings]

36k GIF 152k JPEG Gateway from Bradshawgate September 2000

This old stonework exists between more modern buildings.

Go into Beat Street

75k JPEG February 1996

Go south along Bradshawgate
[view south]

77k JPEG March 1996

This will take you to the junction with Trinity Street, and also to Bolton Metropolitan College. The public house you can see is called the Trotters. This comes from a nickname that Boltonians used to have, 'trotting' was tricking strangers for money, and other such practical jokes. This pub has now been replaced with a car showroom.

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