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I hereby acknowledge all those who have contributed in many ways. A select few encouraged the seeds of this idea and provided help in many ways to turn this into a reality. They know who they are. A growing number of people have contributed information to these pages, and also supplied corrections. Some have provided pictures which I would not otherwise have been able to publish.

Notes on the use of pictures from this site

Pictures which are titled with a date and size only are my own photographs. You as an individual may download and store these images for your own personal viewing. You may not use the images on your or any other site without my express permission, which may be granted if you state the images and the purpose to which they will be put. Certain other images are "used by permission" or "courtesy of". I do not own the copyright to these, I cannot give you permission to use these images, and your personal storage of these images may contravene the copyright holders wishes. You are warned that copyright cases are being successfully fought, photographic originals and information source details will be used to verify intellectual ownership of this site. This is a list of some of the publicly available information sources on which these pages are based.

Why did I do this?

Over the years I've taken many photographs of Bolton, and made many friends. Some of those friends have moved away, some to different countries. I didn't expect my friendship to have that sort of effect, but as I stay in touch I know they are homesick, and this site will remind them that Bolton is still here. It was also an opportunity to bring Bolton to life for those who are yet to visit.

A priority was to make these pages non browser specific, largely as a protest against the domination of one particular product, but also to make sure that Mosaic, Cello, Lynx, EMosaic, etc. browser users are not discriminated against. I don't claim to be the world's best web page writer, but I try to make my pages 'portable' across many browsers, something that many web page writers today seem to ignore. These pages should make equal sense to someone using a text based only browser, or the latest hyped up version of a video game, who's prior versions are incompatible with later ones. Certain specific tagging has had to be used to force 'certain' browsers to obey normal HTML rules. It has considerably increased the production time on these pages, but if these pages inspire you to write your own about your town or city, then please view the source of this, and feel free to use as a skeleton for your own pages.

Certain images contained within these pages are subject to Copyright. Reproduction of these images outside of these pages will render you liable for action taken against you served by the copyright holder. Other images are Copyright 1984, 1986, 1988, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and the property of the author and may not be used outside the context of these web pages without my express permission.

Other colour photographs have been taken and scanned by the author. These photographic images will updated and replaced as new or more interesting images become available. They have been selected however to show a variety of weather conditions, seasons and aspects of the subject matter. In some cases, extended time exposure has been used. Most pictures are recent, but need to complete this project has overridden the requirement for 'nice weather' and photogenic situations. Many of the pictures have been taken with a 24mm lens which has a tendency to distort, hence some buildings may not appear straight.

The historical information has been written by the author researched from locally available sources held within libraries in the area. Where conflicts arose, the most authoritative or plausible information was selected. Current information was collected with lots of legwork and co operation from various organisations, my grateful thanks to them all here.

A number of organisations refused to allow me access to information or to take photographs. Priority and space has therefore been given to those who were most co-operative. Due to the scale it has obviously not been possible to include everything, but I will add information as demand and time permits.

My thanks go to Mark Williamson for time, support and inspiration.

Thanks must go to Michael Wilkinson, editor of The Informer for ideas and graphics.

Finally, recognition to Digital, who's wonderfully designed operating systems and technologically advanced computers (PDP, VAX and Alpha) that captured my interest and provided me with a career.

DISCLAIMER: Errors and Omissions Excepted.

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