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This is a collection of miscellaneous images from around Bolton which do not fit into the context of the rest of the web pages. There is also an archive from the live Bolton camera. There is a page with skyline views available. Some pictures have also been taken from the top of St. Peter's tower. There are also a number of pictures of the old fountains. Phil Kelly, an ex Boltonian also has a selection of his own pictures of Bolton at http://www.gallery-of-photography.com/. Some old pictures of Bolton are available, along with some then and now pictures, and a set of old pictures from Derby Street area.

[Aerial picture]

142k JPEG 1996 Ashley Studios

This image is courtesy of Freeway Internet, the local internet service provider. The light coloured building in the lower right of the picture is the Morrisons supermarket, and to the left of that is the Water Place leisure pool. Left of centre is the Bolton Town Hall, with the Le Mans Crescent quite obvious from the air to the left of that. St. Peters can be seen on the right hand edge a little over half way up.

[old bolton skyline]

47k GIF 483k JPEG Bolton skyline from BIHE tower c1985

This picture taken during the mid 1980's is scanned at a higer resolution to show detail. Centre right is the Ashburner Street market hall, with the open air stalls in front, and to the centre right is the mill complex used for retail.

[Laburnum tree and clocktower]

117k JPEG rear of Le Mans Crescent circa 1985

To the left is the police station and magistrates courts, the right is the museum and art gallery. This area to the right of the picture is known as Cheadle Square, and when not used for disabled parking, is used for a visiting fun fair. There is an archway off the right of this picture, leading to Le Mans Crescent in the virtual walk. This picture was taken from Blackhorse Street.

[Street artist]

158k JPEG August 1985

Pavement artists are often seen, when the weather is fine. This one is in the pedestrianised part of Newport Street.

[Puppets on a trolley]

89k JPEG October 1984

This puppeteer used to show his homemade display all over Bolton. This is adjacent the War Memorial in Victoria Square.

[RAF display]

117k JPEG September 1994

The large pedestrianised area in Victoria Square is suitable for many large scale displays by various organisations.

[Sculpture set in wall]

291k JPEG February 1996

This sculpture was taken from the Sunnyside Mills in Bolton, and placed on the facade of the Market Hall on Bridge Street.

[sculpture in bushes]

22k GIF 42k JPEG Partly obscured sculpture March 2000

Another of the sculptures.

[snow scene in Newport Street]

110k February 1986

The canopy in Newport Street can be seen in the background. This snow had fallen overnight.

[Bolton skyline by night]

118k JPEG April 1996

This is taken from Smithills Moor. In the centre you should be able to make out the floodlight St. Peter's church. There is a similar day time view in the collection of aerial pictures.

[street juggler with knives and fire]

54k JPEG April 1996

The pedestrianised area of Newport Street attracts a number of performers. So many buskers, there is an annual Buskers Ball at http://www.busker.freeuk.com/.

[man giving balloon to girl]

34k GIF 105k JPEG In Market Street c1998

Novelty performers in Bolton.

[children playing football]

28k GIF 143k JPEG Football in Victoria Square 1997

The central area is quite often used for even larger displays and events.

[distant view of town centre]

557k JPEG May 1996

Seen from the top of Smithills Moor, the highest point within the borough, close to Colliers Row.

[Low sun with a clouded horizon]

59k JPEG July 1996

This was taken from Winter Hill, on the right you should be able to make out the square of Rivington Pike.

[telephone boxes and bikes]

37k GIF 129k JPEG Rickshaws in Bolton August 2000

For an experimental time there was a free rickshaw service in the town centre.

[town hall]

25k GIF 100k JPEG Town Hall at dusk 1996

A dusk-time view of the town hall in Victoria Square.

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