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Bolton Outdoor Camera Archive

Notice: The tower in which the webcam is currently situated is to be demolished during 2003, and the camera location has changed. It is situated on Eagle Mill from which the day by day demolition of the tower can be observed.

[live webcam picture] This is the current webcam picture. The rest of this page is my selection of archived pictures from the CAM 3 page. The live picture is here. All the images here are around 50k and are shown full size.

There are a total of three cameras, quickly accessed from http://webcam.bolton.ac.uk/. The image is now stored as a JPEG.

[Bolton outdoors]

47k GIF 12 December 1995

This image is a bit dark, but is the first I captured from a newly installed camera. On the horizon on the left is the town hall clock tower. The foreground is the main path leading to the main entrance of Bolton Institute.

[It's snowing!]

46k GIF 6 February 1996

This scene, similar to the one above, shows snow filled skies have taken their toll on the town's landscape.

[It's stopped snowing]

48k GIF 6 February 1996

The snow has stopped falling.

[It's getting dark]

52k GIF 6 February 1996

And it's now starting to get dark.

[Snow is starting to fall]

49k GIF

Snow is starting to fall over Bolton. This is a different camera angle. The Institute's 'M' block is in the foreground, and the fire station is middle.

[Snow's fallen]

56k GIF 24 November 1996

It's stopped snowing, but quite a covering has fallen.


61k GIF 24 November 1996

It's starting to get dark and the snow is already melting.


54k GIF 24 November 1996

It is dark, and nearly all the snow has gone.


55k GIF 30 March 1997

The camera was repositioned to give this view. In the background are the moors of Bolton. On the right hand side is the clock tower of the town hall, on the right in the foreground is the steam hammer.

The camera has been repositioned and some pictures from that will appear here.

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