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Walk around Bolton town centre

Start in Victoria Square from the town halls steps. You can take a more detailed look around the square or choose a direction below. Each place you visit will give you more information about that place or area, and the opportunity to go inside some buildings.

Click the picture or the direction description to go in that direction. If you click the caption for the picture, you'll download a high definition JPEG.

[Panoramic view of the square]

389k JPEG July 1996

Taken from the town hall steps.

Go south east into Exchange Street
[View into Exchange Street]

107k JPEG July 1996

From here you can go into Crompton Place, Henry's all day cafe bar, and Nelson Square leading to Bradshawgate.

Go north east into Hotel Street and Mealhouse Lane Leading to Mealhouse Lane and Deansgate, you can also go into Crompton Place, and past the Shipgates shopping centre.

Go north into Oxford Street
[View into Oxford Street]

180k JPEG March 1996.

Past the steam engine into Deansgate to the junction of Knowsley Street.

Go north west into Le Mans Crescent
[View into Le Mans Crescent]

107k 1996

Leading to Deansgate and the rest of the Crescent.

Go south west into Le Mans Crescent
[View into Le Mans Crescent]

101k 1996.

Leading to the Library, Octagon Theatre and Ashburner Street

Go south into Newport Street
[View into Newport Street]

130k 1996.

Past the canopy, to the Newport Arcade and Great Moor Street.

Please email the webmaster to request additional depth, detailing what you want to see.

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