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Oxford Street

[pedestrianised street]

169k JPEG looking north towards Knowsley Street March 1996

The encased steam engine is at the far end. Left of centre the tower of the Victoria Hall in Knowsley Street can be seen.

[Steam engine cased in glass]

208k JPEG December 1995

This is the Corliss Engine, and was made in Bolton by Hick Hargreaves in 1866, and was used in Ford Ayrton and Co., Bentham, Yorkshire a silk spinning mill until 1969.

[engine cased in glass]

36k GIF 131k JPEG Corliss engine 1996

It was put in this case by the Bolton Corporation in 1973 when the Newport Street and Oxford Street pedestrianised area was opened. There is a web site dedicated to stationary engines such as this at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/fcrammond.

[street with engine in foreground]

125k JPEG looking towards Victoria Square

This is the far end of Oxford Street looking behind the corliss engine. There is a picture of a group of people stood outside the shop on the right, can you guess why?


58k GIF 266k JPEG Statue of Fred Dibnah May 2008

This image was taken on my mobile phone and is a very recent addition to Oxford Street as a tribute to the well known Boltonian Fred Dibnah. (Image will be replaced with higher quality one in time).

Go to Deansgate junction Knowsley Street
[look north into Knowsley Street]

148k JPEG

You can go onto Deansgate or into Knowsley Street.

Go into Victoria Square
[Pedestrianised area and town hall on right]

108k JPEG facing south into Victoria Square February 1996

This will take you to the beginning of the virtual walk and past the start point too.

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