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Deansgate junction with Knowsley Street and Oxford Street

Go north into Knowsley Street
[Into Knowsley Street]

131k JPEG March 1996

This will take you into the Market Hall and up to St. George's Road and the craft Centre. The red coloured tower on the left down the street belongs to the Victoria Hall, the dark, square tower in the distance is of the craft centre.

Go south into Oxford Street
[Into Oxford Street]

73k JPEG February 1996

Leading past the steam engine into Victoria Square, you'll get a closer look at the engine itself.

[Exterior of department store]

110k JPEG February 1996

This is Whitakers, an independent department store. The whole building belongs to the store, and it has a basement too. It sells fashions and housewares. The buff coloured part of the building on the right used to be a public hall, built in 1912 called the Aspin Hall. Whitakers have a web site at http://www.whitakers.org.uk/

Go west to end of Deansgate
[view west to end of Deansgate]

99k JPEG March 1996

To Moor Lane, past Bolton Little Theatre. You can just see the spire of St. Paul's church which is on Moor Lane, to the right of the building on the left of this picture. If you turned right, down Central Street was the Antiques centre, which has now moved to Great Moor Street.

Go east along Deansgate
[looking east]

157k JPEG summer 1995

Which will take you past Market Street and to the junction with Mealhouse Lane and Bridge Street. You can go onto Bridge Street, into the Market Hall, or further down towards Churchgate.

[red brick building in narrow street]

26k GIF 124k JPEG Central Street view north July 2000

Down here was the antiques centre, until it relocated to Great Moor Street.

[sandstone large building]

34k GIF 107k JPEG Whitakers Department Store Howell Croft North December 2002

Alternate view.

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