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Email contact for the author of bolton.org.uk

Genuine email is always very welcome, comments and corrections regarding the site, submissions for relevant links, entries for the guestbook, questions and suggestions.

Email sent to this site is filtered for content and sender details but genuine email should get through OK. However, to stop automatic email address gathering, I have removed my email address from all web pages, apart from this one. Ignore the odd numbers, the send-to address should be correct.

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Your subject must not include ADV:, great offers, government loans, interest rates, lose weight, make money, a number of blanks spaces, be from an email address with bounce or remove in it, names of drugs or generics, claim to make money, be of a lewd nature or content, among a number of filtering options including heuristic filtering. If you send email, and you do not get a reply within a few days, please resend, but carefully check that what you are sending cannot be misconstrued as 'spam'. Such items are automatically rejected (deleted) without warning to the sender.

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