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Bolton UK website updated pages since 29-NOV-2013

This page is automatically updated when one or more pages are updated or added, or images altered or added. Current research work is listed here.

Pages may be updated both for content and image references, date of last edit only is shown. This page updated Saturday, 29-MAR-2014 10:25:35.25 . Previous upload was on Monday, 18-MAY-2009 20:54:30.05

Time to upsticks. There will be a delay in updates, work is expected to remain UK based but there will probably be a delay while moves are completed. Some minor updates may be completed, email addresses should remain unchanged, and UK accounts will remain active.

Move completed, though not all the hardware survived the journey. While replacements and 'new' equipment is sourced, and the network links are properly established, there will be a limited update service only.

Some pages listed may be HTML currently under construction or research.

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