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Bolton UK, Current research and information wanted

Do you wish to contribute to this site? I will not allow web advertising, I avoid animated and needless images, but the information content is important. I will accept links to commercial sites within context. Do you have any pictures that would enhance this or fill in gaps? Would you like to appear in a moderated guestbook? Do you have information that is missing in these pages? Send mail to webmaster

If you have any old pictures of Bolton that you will let me publish on this site, please drop me a line.

Here are details of information currently being researched, requests for information I've not been able to source, and any ongoing background work. I'm looking for genuine local knowledge, if you can add detail or correct these pages in any way, or contribute to the ongoing work, please send an email to the webmaster.

Some requests for information also appear in the guestbook

Note: EMail addresses given here have .dele.te suffixed to try to prevent unsoliciticed email, please remove this from the address line before sending your message!

Information Wanted

Current research

Future expansion

One section online now is Bolton at yuletide, and another with Bolton in the snow. More current work is taking place with a large number of photographs of the Deane Road / Moor lane / Derby Street area from around 1964.

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