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Deansgate junction with Mealhouse Lane and Bridge Street

Go into Bridge Street
[Looking north into Bridge Street]

98k JPEG February 1996

This will take you towards the Market Hall and Market Place which you may go inside, and ultimately leads to the former Little Bolton town hall and St. George's Road.

Go east along Deansgate
[Looking along Deansgate]

109k JPEG

Taking you towards Churchgate (the tower of St. Peter's can be seen) and the junction with Bradshawgate. On the right is the former Midland Bank (now HSBC), on the left is Woolworths, beyond that the National Westminster Bank, in the building formerly used by the Bank Of Bolton.

Go west along Deansgate
[View west down Deansgate]

84k JPEG

Leading to the junction of Oxford Street and Knowsley Street.

Go down Market Street into the Market Hall
[Looking down Market Street]

144k JPEG seen from Deansgate February 1996

This will take you into the Market Hall and Market Place. The Royal Bank of Scotland is on the right, in the centre distance is the entrance to the Market Hall.

[cobbled street and shops]

29k GIF 72k JPEG Market Street towards Hotel Street April 2000

This view is towards Hotel Street of market Street. Note the little buggy on the left which is for hire from the Market Place.

Go into Mealhouse Lane and Hotel Street
[short pedestrianised street]

76k JPEG March 1996

Building work is taking place here for a store, Marks and Spencers. This is one of two stores they have in the town, they are adding a third (top) floor to this store, which has ladies fashions and food. From Mealhouse Lane, you can get into Shipgates Shopping Centre or Crompton Place, and Hotel Street, leading into Victoria Square.

[shops and people]

30k GIF 134k JPEG Deansgate view east to Mealhouse Lane Summer 2000

This view is between Market Street and Bridge Street Mealhouse Lane.

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