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Bridge Street

Named as the River Croal passes beneath, as it does most of Bolton. The river has not recently been visible from Bridge Street, but since the demolition of a supermarket, it now can be seen from the top of the Market Place car park. This has now been replaced with a retain and entertainment complex.

[Into Bridge Street]

92k JPEG April 1996

The Market Hall is on the left and in front, Bridge Street carries on along the right of the picture. Spot the spelling mistake in the picture, but you'll have to download the JPEG!

You may go inside the Market Hall and Market Place [columned entrance to Market Hall]

131k JPEG April 1996

Note the red post box. This is the oldest post box in Bolton, sited here in May 1990 marking 150 years of the British Post Office. It was originally sited in Waterloo Street. Just behind this postbox is a small rockery. On the wall either side of the entrance are several plaques detailing the building and rebuilding history. Over the top of the door is the old coat of arms of Bolton, you should just be able to make out an elephant over the crest if you download and enlarge the JPEG.

[sunny street and shops]

29k GIF 101k JPEG Bridge Street view north from west side March 2000

A view of the new building complex on the site of the old Co-op. This direction takes you onto Higher Bridge St.

[street and shops]

29k GIF 134k JPEG Bridge Street from Market Place Summer 2000

This view is at the opposing end from the above picture.

[cobbled street and hall frontage]

25k GIF 76k JPEG Corporation Street 1999

This cobbled street runs in front of the Market Hall and leads to Knowsley Street.

Go into X-Records
[Shopfront of X Records]

90k JPEG February 1996

One of the few remaining shops which has a large selection of vinyl. This shop had humble beginnings on Manchester Road, now there are three shops each with two floors.

Go south to Deansgate
[Bridge Street looking south]

81k JPEG south down Bridge Street February 1996

The junction on the left leads to Bark Street East and The Crystal Gate. In the distance on the right is the junction with Deansgate.

[street and shops]

30k GIF 81k JPEG Bridge Street view south April 2000

This view shows Bow Street on the left.

[road with cars]

32k GIF 88k JPEG Bow Street view to Bank Moor May 2000

Bow Street leads to Bank Moor.

Go into Bark Street East to the Crystal Gate
[Aerial view into Bark Street East]

48k JPEG magnified from a more general shot February 1996

About halfway down on the left of this street is a narrow stone staircase, leading to this unusual shop.

Go onto Higher Bridge Street.

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