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Bank Moor

Bank Moor leads down from the junction of Churchgate, Bradshawgate and Deansgate. Bank Moor is formed from Bank Street at the top and Manor Street.

[sunny street]

18k GIF 74k JPEG View north from Bank Moor March 2000

To Folds Road.

[church in street]

26k GIF 84k JPEG View up Bank Moor March 2000

Towards the Churchgate junction.

[street view]

28k GIF 88k JPEG View down Bank Moor March 2000

Towards Folds Road and Bow Street.

[church and road]

21k GIF 66k JPEG Bank Moor viewed from the northern end March 2000

The Croal runs under this point.

[cream building on corner]

31k GIF 75k JPEG Dog and Partridge September 2003

Here in Manor Street (no 22) is the Dog and Partridge pub. http://www.dogandpartridgepub.com/

[car parks]

22k GIF 67k JPEG Bow street view towards Bridge Street April 2000

Leading to Bridge Street.

[old pub]

33k GIF 101k JPEG Star public house Bow Street May 2000

An old traditional public house in Bow Street.

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