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Knowsley Street

Some pictures from 1949 of Knowsley Street are available in the then and now pages. At the bottom of this page are some pictures from 1932 when Knowsley House was being built.

[Market Hall facade and street]

199k JPEG looking north down Knowsley Street with the tower of St Georges Craft Centre on the left

Corporation Street leads to the right.

[cobbled street]

28k GIF 97k JPEG Corporation Street from Knowsley St March 2000

Corporation Street leads to Bridge St.

Go into Market Hall
[Columned entrance]

123k JPEG Entrance to Market Hall Summer 1995

This is an original entrance to the Victorian market hall which was first opened in 1855. This entrance is almost exactly opposite the Victoria Hall (see later picture)


119k JPEG February 1996

Joseph Bailey specialising in pottery, one of the many shops in the market hall.

Go into Market Place

114k JPEG entrance to Market Place

On the left is a datestone, 1852, and the building on the left is part of the new Market Place, opened in 1988. To the right is the facade of the refurbished Market Hall.

Go to the top of Knowsley Street onto St George's Road
[road bordered by shops and Victoriana]

26k GIF 93k JPEG North down Knowsley Street 1996

from where you can also go into the craft centre. This is a central view in a northerly direction.

[shop lined street]

20k GIF 64k JPEG Knowsley Street mid view south February 2000

A view from opposite Victoria Hall.

[terracotta hall entrance with tower]

109k JPEG March 1996

Victoria Hall entrance, the hall itself hidden behind the shops.

Bark Street is further north.

Go to junction with Deansgate
[looking into Oxford Street]

73k JPEG South into Oxford street across Deansgate February 1996

Where you can go into Oxford street or onto Deansgate.

A shop in this street is TV and video direct with a web site at http://www.tvandvideodirect.com/ [building in street with trams and people]

23k GIF 405k JPEG Knowsley House c1932 by permission

This is the finished building, and shown here as the Cobra Sports shop.

[building with scaffolding]

21k GIF 313k JPEG Knowsley House under construction c1930 by permission

This was taken during the construction. I am grateful to Austen Redman for permission to use these pictures. He has a selection of more Bolton pictures at http://www.geocities.com/austy72/

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