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Market Hall and Market Place

[Interior of Market Hall (face north)]

149k JPEG Summer 1995.

The Market Hall is a refurbished victorian building opened by Queen Elizabeth II on December 1st 1988. It is home to many small independent stalls. There are several butchers and fruiterer, as well as clothing, hardware and pet shops. You will also find a bakery, several gift shops, and a few places to eat. The roof structure is refurbished but retains its original design and shape. Ahead leads to the Market Place. It was originally built by Charles Tomkinson in the early 1800's.

[crest above doorway]

25k GIF 90k JPEG Coat of Arms in market hall

These are above each door, this one is over the entrance from Market Street.

[red and gold date plaque]

21k GIF 65k JPEG Original Market Hall opening and alterations plaque

The original Market Hall opened on December 19th 1855 on the site of a former bowling green, the site of the market place in Victoria Square is where the town hall stands now. A fish market was built alongside which opened on December 22nd 1865, but was demolished around 1930 when the Ashburner Street market opened in September 1932. In 1894 the original Market Hall was altered to provide shops on Knowsley Street and Corporation Street.

[Interior of market hall (face south)]

128k JPEG. Summer 1995.

The doorway centre left leads onto Market Street and Deansgate.

[market stalls]

35k GIF 121k JPEG View from balcony of Market Hall March 2000

Market Hall.

[Open cafe stall]

78k JPEG of Franco's Italian cafe, eat in or take home from the bar on the right, February 1996

[columns and stalls]

28k GIF 86k JPEG View into Market Hall from Market Place March 2000

Leading from the market hall is a complex of new shops and department stores.

[Lower mall of Market Place]

106k JPEG south end of Market Place February 1996

This is the entrance to Market Place from the market hall. This lower mall leads to a fountain and seating area, and glass lifts (elevators) complementing the modern design, which connect directly with a multi storey car park, the top of which gives good aerial views of the town.

[View from upper mall towards market hall]

124k JPEG south end of Market Place February 1996

This is where the old Victorian market hall ended. Going right will take you to Knowsley Street, going left will take you into Bridge Street. Going ahead through the hall will take you into Market Street onto Deansgate.

[Fountain on a busy Saturday afternoon]

113k JPEG. February 1996.

Two glass lifts (elevators) can be seen driven by push rods, stairs above from the upper mall, and in the foreground a fountain with seating. The lifts connect to the multi storey car park, the top of which gives good aerial views of the town.

Go out of the Market Hall and Market Place and virtual walk into Knowsley Street or Bridge Street.

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