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Aerial views

Here are some aerial views and detailed descriptions of what you can see, most have been taken from top floors of open multi storey car parks in Bolton, others from high vantage points surrounding the town. A separate page has views from the top of St. Peter's church.

A set of views taken from the air by Johnathan Webb are also available.

From the top of the Market Place car park

[View with church tower on horizon and river foreground]

105k JPEG looking east February 1996

On the middle horizon is the tower from St Peter's in Churchgate, in the foreground is the River Croal, which runs underneath most of Bolton. This part of the river was uncovered when the old "Co-Op" supermarket was demolished, but is seen disappearing underneath a multi storey car park. The frontage of the demolished building has been retained (left) supported by scaffolding for historical reasons. Update February 1997: The frontage has been removed, brick by brick when it became unsafe. The site has now been acquired and the open river is now being covered over prior to building work commencing.

[Aerial view of Victoria Hall and redbrick shops and skyline]

84k JPEG facing south west

Victoria Hall and its tower on the left, and shop fronts from the northern end of Knowsley Street. The rising skyline middle right is known as Daubhill (pronounced "dobb-ull") a residential suburb.

[Red brick church and tower]

83k JPEG St George's craft centre

This church was originally built for the user of Little Bolton parishioners, but was no longer needed when Little Bolton merged with Great Bolton in 1838. It is now used to house a number of shops with 'craft' type themes. You can jump inside the craft centre, and go out onto the virtual walk.

From the top of the Bow Street car park

[various buildings]

103k JPEG March 1996

Taken from Bow Street car park, on the left is the former Bolton Co-operative Society Building, a drapery store on Higher Bridge Street corner with St. George's Road built in 1904 with a striking terracotta decoration. Centre horizon is a mill. Right of centre is a former Wesleyan Methodist Church on St. George's street, built in 1803 but vacated in 1971, and now a casino.

[river running under market hall]

119k JPEG March 1996

This shows the Market Hall. In the foreground, the River Croal goes underground until its reappearance near Queens Park. In the foreground was where the "Co Op" store mentioned above used to be. The Spire of St Paul's can be seen on the left horizon.

From the top of the Octagon car park

[wide skyline]

179k JPEG March 1996

This is a composite image from two photographs. On the left is part of the octagonal roof of the Octagon Theatre and behind that is the Museum and library building in the Crescent. Left of centre is the Wellsprings, a recent development, also housing Oscar's bar. To the right of the clock tower, the horizon shows the line of the Pennines leading to the Peak District. Far right is the tower of St. Peter's in Churchgate.

[market stalls seen from above]

28k GIF 101k JPEG Ashburner Street Market seen from top of Octagon car park 1997

The relocated market in Ashburner Street.

Into the Croal Valley

[distant view of town centre]

557k JPEG May 1996

Looking south-east from the top of Smithills Moor, the highest point within the borough. Far right you can see the church and tower of St. Peter's, right of centre the clock tower of the town hall, and far right, Trinity Church. On the left far horizon are the Manchester and Salford cities. There is a similar night time view in the gallery.

[roofs and a few chimneys]

100k JPEG April 1996

This is taken looking west from Watling Street, Affetside, South Turton. The road leading off centre is Derby Street, leading into St. Helen's Road. If you download the high resolution version, to the right of that road, you should be able to make out the clock tower of the town hall, behind that the tower block of Bolton Institute.

[black and white aerial view]

27k GIF 194k JPEG Bolton aerial view c1968

This picture will be included in the 'new' set of old pictures of Bolton Institute, centred.

[black and white aerial view]

28k GIF 194k JPEG Bolton aerial view c1968

This view is a slightly different aspect to the one above.

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