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Ashburner Street


187k JPEG February 1999

The top of Ashburner Road has been closed off to traffic and this gateway has been placed here.

[market stalls]

82k JPEG outdoor market March 1996

This is a recently pedestrianised area, with new market canopies erected for the outdoor market, and a refurbished market hall. The fish, fruit and vegetable market have been refurbished.

[plant stall]

107k JPEG outdoor market April 1996

There is a large plant and flower section to the outdoor market. You can clearly see the purpose built canopies, and the line of the market hall on the far right of this picture.

You may go inside Ashburner Street Market
[market entrance between outdoor stalls]

107k JPEG Ashburner Street market hall entrance February 1996

Go onto Moor Lane
[south into Moor Lane]

71k JPEG March 1996

Moor Lane will take you to either Derby Street and Bolton Institute.

Go onto Moor Lane
[north into Moor Lane]

76k JPEG March 1996

Moor Lane will take you to the end of Deansgate.

Go to Le Mans Crescent
[street leading to crescent]

77k JPEG March 1996

From here you can go into the crescent or down Newport Arcade. On the left past the row of shops is the library and museum, on the right is the former Odeon Cinema, now a bingo hall. This cinema is an example of Art Deco style.

Go onto Great Moor Street which can take you to the Waterplace, onto Newport Street, or down towards Bradshawgate. You may also go onto Blackhorse Street down to Deansgate.

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