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Ashburner Street junction with Le Mans Crescent

Go to the Octagon
[outside of theatre]

99k JPEG March 1996

Home to many fine professional productions.

Go up Ashburner Street

87k JPEG March 1996

You can go into the market or continue up to Bolton Institute.

Go into Le Mans Crescent
[into crescent]

93k JPEG March 1996

From the crescent you can go into the Museum and Library, and back into Victoria Square.

Go down Newport Arcade
[pyramid shape entrance]

33k GIF 105k JPEG Newport Arcade view east December 2002

This will take you to the pedestrianised part of Newport Street. It has recently been refurbished (2002).

[shop lined alleyway]

117k JPEG March 1996

This row of shops are opposite the theatre.

Go onto Great Moor Street
[view past car park]

90k JPEG March 1996

Going in this direction will take you onto Great Moor Street.

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Back to the town hall steps

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