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Newport Street (North)

Newport Street is part pedestrianised, and crosses over Great Moor Street.

Go north down Newport Street
[View down Newport Street]

105k JPEG looking towards Victoria Square February 1996

This will take you to Victoria Square.

Go up Newport Arcade

[arcade entrance]

39k GIF 152k JPEG Newport Street Arcade view west December 2002

This will take you to the Octagon Theatre, and also on to the Ashburner Street market.

[View into arcade]

122k JPEG February 1996

This is the old view prior to the refurbishment.

Go south down Newport Street
[View down street]

103k JPEG February 1996

This will take you to Great Moor Street (Water Place or Bradshawgate), or over to Trinity Street and the bus - rail interchange.

[Elephants in Newport Street]

Old image of Elephants 86k JPEG February 1996

These elephants are at the southern end of Newport Street, and around Bolton, there are many references to elephants.

The elephants were removed for a short while and have been replaced and repaired and are very bright looking! (The reason only two are shown is that the third had an unsightly hole in it).

[three coloured elephants]

31k GIF 253k JPEG Replacement elephants in Newport Street April 2008

This is all three elephants in the same location. This is a recent picture.

[light blue elephant]

31k GIF 233k JPEG New elephant April 2008

Not really sure of the meaning of the colours.

[purple elephant]

31k GIF 248k JPEG New elephant April 2008

Nonetheless they are very nice.

[rainbow elephant]

28k GIF 227k JPEG New elephant April 2008

And very pleased to see then back in their original place.

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