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Great Moor Street

This connects Bradshawgate with Ashburner Street.

Go south along Newport Street
[shops and road]

21k GIF 50k JPEG Newport Street south April 2000

Trinity Street Church tower is visible. This will take you past the bus - rail interchange and onto Trinity Street.

Go west along Great Moor Street
[Looking west up street]

82k JPEG March 1996

This curves round to Ashburner Street. You can get to the Waterplace.

Go into Discovery Records

86k JPEG February 1996

Go east along Great Moor Street
[looking east down street]

104k JPEG March 1996

This leads to Bradshawgate.

Go north along Newport Street
[view into pedestrianised street]

32k GIF 78k JPEG View into Newport Street pedestrianised section 1999

Leading towards Victoria Square.

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