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Great Moor Street (east)

You are between Bradshawgate and Newport Street. There is a Chinese Herbal Therapy Centre here, they have a web site at http://www.chtc.co.uk/

[stone church and road]

24k GIF 108k JPEG St Patricks in Great Moor Street August 2001

This is St. Patrick's Catholic church.


101k JPEG March 1996

Gregory and Porritts are a long established store, specializing in lighting, but also has general hardware. This store has now closed, but reopened as another mainy furniture store.

Go to Bradshawgate
[view towards junction]

91k JPEG March 1996

This will take you to the (now closed) Cannon cinema and Laserquest, and you can go north or south along Bradshawgate. On the right of the picture is the Great Moor Street annex of Bolton Institute. On the left, second building, is the old Turkish Baths, which used to be home to the housing advice centre.

Go to junction with Newport Street
[view west along street]

77k JPEG March 1996

Leading towards the Water Place and Newport Street. The corner of St. Patrick's is on the left of this picture.

[red brick building]

33k GIF 126k JPEG Mawdsley Street Congregational School (former) December 2002

The shop unit below is unused.

[Plaque: Mawdsley Street Congregational Schools Founded 1818 Rebuilt 1875 Extended 1887]

36k GIF 76k JPEG School Plaque December 2002

Close up. Mawdsley Street Congregational Schools Founded 1818 Rebuilt 1875 Extended 1887.

Go into Mawdsley Street
[view north into street]

112k JPEG March 1996

which will take you to Exchange Street, past a few interesting buildings.

[row of charity shops]

34k GIF 137k JPEG Row of shops with Dawn Dawson's school above August 2000

[tall red brick building]

34k GIF 112k JPEG Old School Rooms December 2002

These have recently been converted into flats. This was the former arts annex to Bolton Institute.

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