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Mawdsley Street

A few interesting buildings are located on this street, which will take you onto Great Moor Street. The County Court used to be on this street, recorded as first opening on July 2nd 1869.

Go into St. Andrews Court from Mawdsley Street
[Mawdsley Street entrance to St. Andrews Court]

91k JPEG 1996.

The red canopy is over Trade Winds, a shop with gifts particularly with an eastern theme.

[arched gateway]

16k GIF 28k JPEG Entrance to Citizens Advice Bureau (Courtesy CAB)

The Citizens Advice Bureau have an office here, which has a web site at http://www.boltoncab.co.uk/.

Go into Henry's cafe bar
[exterior of stone fronted building]

133k JPEG April 1996

Take a rest, have some food and a drink! This has changed hands and is now called Harvey's.

Also in this street are R and J Howarth Jewellers, who have a web site at http://www.jewellers.net/main.htm

[buildings and narrow road]

31k GIF 95k JPEG Mawdsley Street mid view to Great Moor St June 2000

In the direction of Great Moor Street.

[Red brick building with stone decoration]

109k JPEG May 1996

This was the original Bolton Technical School. It is now used by a health studio, the basement is a gym, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, ground floor training room and offices, first floor squash courts and sunbeds, second floor room for classes such as aerobics and fatigues.

[red brick buildings in street]

99k JPEG May 1996

The health studio is on the left.

[red brick buildings]

136k JPEG May 1996

Below this building is a nightclub.

Go onto Great Moor Street

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