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St. Andrews Court

[interior alley]

102k JPEG internal path March 1996

Zebra card and gift shop is on the left.

[interior card shop]

136k JPEG Interior of Zebra shop March 1996

It contains unusual gifts and a wide range of cards, including many handmade designs.

[internal shop view]

32k GIF 137k JPEG Trade Winds 1997

This unusual gift shop, appropriately called Trade Winds with items from far and wide.

[coffee house]

131k JPEG March 1998

Facing a small cafe.


94k JPEG looking in the east entrance March 1996

Alisons Books are on your left, this is called Bowker's Row.

[interior book shop]

132k JPEG March 1996

This shop has a large selection of local history books. This shop has now closed down, but this picture remains.

One of the new units in St Andrew's Court is Bar Base, you can visit them on the web at http://www.barbase.plus.com/

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