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Virtual Walk - Nelson Square

[War memorial and Crompton's statue]

100k JPEG looking west into Nelson Square

The flower gardens in Nelson Square were laid out in 1893. There is a war memorial here and a statue of Samuel Crompton.

[Crompton's statue and the memorial]

121k JPEG February 1996

This statue was erected by public subscription in 1862, paid for by millworkers in recognition of his services both to the town and to the industry. Behind the statue is Provincial House, home to an insurance company. There are some old pictures of the original Provincial House in pictures of old Bolton.

[Crompton's statue from behind and Bradshawgate]

72k JPEG looking east from Nelson Square

Bradshawgate runs along the eastern edge of the square. On the left is the bar area of the Pack Horse Hotel.

[reb brick building]

39k GIF 174k JPEG Packhorse Hotel and public house February 2003


[cobbled street and square]

36k GIF 136k JPEG Nelson Square refurbished February 2003


[monument and buildings]

34k GIF 135k JPEG Nelson Square memorial February 2003


Go north along Bradshawgate
[North along Bradshawgate]

101k JPEG February 1996

This will take you to Churchgate and Deansgate, or into Crompton Place.

Go south along Bradshawgate
[JPEG south along Bradshawgate]

80k JPEG March 1996

Which leads past Great Moor Street onto Trinity Street and Bolton Metropolitan College.

Go into St. Andrews Court
[West entrance to St. Andrews Court]

104k JPEG February 1996

Containing a variety of shops, leading to Exchange Street.

Go into Exchange Street
[Towards Exchange Street]

91k JPEG March 1996

Go into Exchange Street leading towards Victoria Square.

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