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Northern end of Bradshawgate

Bradshawgate contains a number of shops and bars.

Smalls Army Stores

108k JPEG of Smalls with various militaria and shavers February 1996

Permission was not granted to obtain pictures within this store, one of a number who refused! They now have a web site at http://www.shavercentre.co.uk/. On the right of Small's, is Corks Wine Bar, a long narrow bar, selling more than just wine.

[red brick buildings]

38k GIF 99k JPEG Bradshawgate view north May 2000

This is a more up to date view, but not much has changed.

Go left into Crompton Place
[Bradshawgate entrance to Crompton Place]

115k JPEG March 1996

Go north to Deansgate and Churchgate
[towards junction of Deansgate and Churchgate]

76k JPEG March 1996

You can go into Deansgate or into Churchgate, to St. Peter's church. A number of Bolton's buildings have domes, Cork's on the right of this picture, in the centre distance is Preston's, and along Deansgate into the centre, you'll see many such examples. Yate's Wine Lodge is on the far left of this picture. The street just before Corks is Silverwell Street.

Go to Nelson Square
[looking down street]

81k JPEG March 1996

Nelson Square leading to St. Andrews Court and Exchange Street. In this area was Fold Street, which is shown in Old Bolton 2 pictures.

[view into narrow street]

29k GIF 230k JPEG Looking into Wood Street 1996

On the right is a street, this is Wood Street, in which is the birthplace of William Lever, one of Bolton's most internationally famous 'sons'.

[Exterior Yates' Wine Lodge]

95k JPEG

Yates' Wine Lodge. Again it sells more than just wine. Some while ago, sawdust used to be scattered on the floor.

[red brick building]

37k GIF 164k JPEG Maxims, Bradshawgate December 2000

Next door to Yate's is Maxim's, which used to be the Fleece Hotel.

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