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Old pictures of Bolton - 2

Access and permission was recently obtained for a number of pictures of old Bolton.

There is also a page of old pictures and modern equivalent views, and the first page of this series, and a third page of old pictures..

[narrow cobbled street]

18k GIF 137k JPEG Fold Street off Bradshawgate c1960s (by permission)

This street no longer exists, it led from Bradshawgate to Newport Street / Victoria Square. Exchange Street now replaces the part which adjoins Victoria Square, and a ramp up to the service areas of the Arndale Centre now Crompton Place are at the junction with Bradshawgate.

[shop fronts]

18k GIF 153k JPEG Fold Street c1950 (by permission)

As well as Sherries, Anglo continental travels and the address of 16 Stubbs Chambers.

[shop fronts]

18k GIF 150k JPEG Fold Street c1950 (by permission)

In the middle of this picture is Wood and Co. Fine Coffee Merchants. To the right of them is a sign in the window of Lomax(?) & Son have moved to 32 Silverwell St.

[doorway and shop front]

16k GIF 144k JPEG 'Sherries' Fold Street c1950 (by permission)

This is a wine merchants called Sherries.

[shop fronts]

17k GIF 149k JPEG Fold Street c1950 (by permission)

The details in the above pictures can be seen in the distance, and the white building at the opposite end of the street has a sign with 'ROYAL A' on it but has not yet been identified. On the left is a sign believed to be for Taylor and Taylor solicitors.

[large square building front]

18k GIF 133k JPEG Provincial House, Nelson Square c1950 (by permission)

This was demolished and replaced with a new building during the 1970's and is located in Nelson Square. Originally it was build by Samual Taylor Chadwick as the Infirmary.


16k GIF 153k JPEG Front door of Provincial House c1950 (by permission)

This door faces the central area of Nelson Square.

[street corner and building]

17k GIF 160k JPEG Provincial House from Bowkers Row c1950 (by permission)

A similar modern view is available from Exchange Street in the virtual walk. Note Guest Brothers Office Equipment showroom on the corner.

[alley corner]

17k GIF 143k JPEG Rear of Provincial House c1950 (by permission)

This alley probably does not now exist having been built on.

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