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Old pictures of Bolton - 1

Access and permission was recently obtained for a number of pictures of old Bolton.

Bolton Evening News photo archive from the http://www.boltoneveningnews.co.uk/ site has recently (October 2005) set up a Special Publications page where old and archive photographs can be viewed and purchased.

There is also a page of old pictures and modern equivalent views. There is a second page of old pictures as well, and a third page of old pictures. You can also see pictures of the Commercial Hotel. There is also a page for The Hippodrome

[clocktower, brewer and bus station]

19k GIF 118k JPEG Bus station and Magee brewers c1960s (by permission)

This picture is taken facing the site of the Octagon Theatre . The multi storey car park was once the site of the bus station, which has now split between Moor Lane and Newport Street. Frank Hampson says: Surely the pictures the Magee's buildings in /oldbolton.html are of their bonded warehouse, I remember vividly as the georgeous smell of whisky that emanated from the pavement when I was taken past as a small boy in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The smell of spent malt and hops from their brewery, just off Derby street was just as delicious, when I used to cycle past on my way to school in the late 1950s.

[large building]

16k GIF 128k JPEG Brewery over bus station c1950 (by permission)

This is a similar view.

[large buildings and road works]

19k GIF 151k JPEG Conservative Central Committee rooms c1950s (by permission)

I have been advised this location is probably on or just off Bradshawgate and extensive road works appear to be taking place.

[end of a row of terraced houses]

18k GIF 144k JPEG 13690 June 12th 1952 (by permission)

This picture is later than most in this collection. Unknown road and location. I recieved this email: I have just been browsing you old Bolton photos and the scence on 13690 looks familiar to me. It looks like Raby Street taken from Walley St looking up towards Rix Street running across the top. Walley St and Rix St ran between Astley St and Crumpsall St at Tramways (Blackburn Road), Astley Bridge. My father kept the Chemists shop at Tramways for many years. I lived on Blackburn Rd from 1958 to around 1965 before moving further up Blackburn Rd to Sharples. A very interesting collection. Regards, Alan Brabbin

Another email on the same picture from Margo Charnley: This picture looks to me like the area I lived in 1946 to 1951. Do not know the name of the street from which the photo is taken but running across the top (where the houses have steps down to the pavement) I am sure that is James street where my Father had his grocery shop. This faced the Wellington Arms Public House where the Father of Vik Faulkner and Bert Royal (Wrestlers) used to drink. He was a friend of my fathers. The house with the steps down to the pavement directly facing the camera was I believe the home of a Sheila Coughlin who I used to play with. The house on the corner of James Street and the street from where the photo is taken - there was a family there known as The Taff's - 3 children, Tony who was the eldest, Rita born in 1944 and Philip who was only just walking 1948. I have attached a photo of self taken outside my Fathers shop (really just the front room converted into a shop) and one below is of me taken just after we left Bolton April 1951.

[house fronts in cobbled street]

19k GIF 170k JPEG 13689 June 12th 1952 (by permission)

This view is in the opposite direction to 13690. This information was received from David Dixon in March 2003: 13689 looks very like Rebate St with Bull Lane running across at the top & 13690 with Snipe St at the bottom where the mill was. But not 100% sure.

[girl in front of shop]

39k GIF 76k JPEG Margo Charnley 1951 related to picture 13690 (by permission)

Not much is known about the following pictures, if you can help please let me know.

[terraced houses being demolished]

18k GIF 137k JPEG 08760 February 19th 1949 (by permission)

[terraced houses being demolished and cobbled road]

19k GIF 142k JPEG 08761 February 19th 1949 (by permission)

Albert Prince writes: I have a very strong feeling that the above picture is that of the bottom end of Back Kent St.Farnworth. I used to visit my grandparents who lived at no.2 and recall playing on the derelict site during 1949 at the age of nine. Hope this will be confirmed one day. (April 2004)

The two pictures above may be of Mayor Street and an area known as 'long back' which ran parallel with Deane Road down to the open markets at Moor Lane. (Thanks to Jim Heaton for this)

[terraced houses and cobbled road]

20k GIF 145k JPEG 09420 July 1st 1949 (by permission)

[terraced houses, car and cobbled road]

19k GIF 138k JPEG 09421 July 1st 1949 (by permission)

[stone paved and cobbled street]

19k GIF 142k JPEG Victory Hotel July 1st 1949 (by permission)

This would appear to be in Chorley Old Road

[stone paved and cobbled street and car]

20k GIF 152k JPEG View from Victory Hotel July 1st 1949 (by permission)

Again Chorley Old Road.

[barrows and steps]

19k GIF 149k JPEG 08751 February 19th 1949 (by permission)

Unknown location.

[cobbled street corner]

18k GIF 164k JPEG 08752 February 19th 1949 (by permission)

Unknown location, alternate view to 08751.

[lorry in cobbled street loaded with crates]

43k GIF 1017k JPEG P Hanley Brewery Lorry (unknown location) by permission

This picture comes from Sue Brown and she says

I've attached an old photograph of my Grandfathers Lorries for a brewery that he ran in Bolton in the early 1930's. Other than this photograph, I can't find anything else out. I know he went out of business in the early 30's (well I know it was before 1935).

If you can help please email.

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