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Old pictures of Bolton - 3

Access and permission was recently obtained for a number of pictures of old Bolton.

There is also a page of old pictures and modern equivalent views, and the first page of this series, and a second page of old pictures.

[pub at end of street]

11k GIF 55k JPEG Victoria Hotel

This view taken down Acres Field (replaced by Arndale Centre later Crompton Place) shows the Victoria Hotel in Hotel Street now demolished and replaced with the Marks and Spencer department store.

[van and cobbled street and shops]

16k GIF 154k JPEG 08756 February 19th 1949 (by permission)

Cassino hairdressing salon.

[shops in cobbled street]

17k GIF 152k JPEG 09422 July 1st 1949 (by permission)

On the left is J Geere, with a sign Ferguson Radio in the window. Next door is G Glassbrook and Sons. Further along is F Halbert with the number 507 or 607, and the white sign lower down on the next building reads Melox. Update: believed to be Chorley Old Road just past Ivy Road.

An email from Gary Whitehead says this photo is Chorley Old Road directly facing Captains Clough Road, the side Street which can be seen is Marcus Street Glassbrooks became Jack Smiths newsagents in the 1950's ( I delivered newspapers for him 1957 /58 )

[car in cobbled street]

17k GIF 154k JPEG 09429 July 1st 1949 (by permission)

The left hand corner building is a public house serving Magee's Ales.

[street corner]

19k GIF 156k JPEG 09413 July 30th 1949 (by permission)

Magee's Ales again written in the windows.

[shop fronts in cobbled street]

19k GIF 172k JPEG 09416 June 30th 1949 (by permission)

Unknown area, probably off Chorley Old Road. Some of the names in the picture are W. Entwistle, Maypole, Hickson's Grocery and provisons.

An email from Gary Whitehead says this photo is looking into Chorley Old Road from Victory Street.

[corner of red brick building]

31k GIF 66k JPEG Factory premises (by permission)

This is believed to be Dart Mill, on Union Road, Tonge Moor. (Thanks to Sylvia Armstrong).

[multi storey mill by river]

29k GIF 81k JPEG Factory premises (by permission)

This factory is by a river, most likely the River Tonge (thanks to Alan Hughes), before demolition. Another picture which was unclear but similar was of the 'Dart' mill. This mill is believed to be Denvale Mill, also on Union Road, Tonge Moor. (Thanks to Sylvia Armstrong).

[demolition work]

19k GIF 140k JPEG 13971 (by permission)

This is a close up of an unknown building during its demolition.

[black and while buildings]

44k GIF 69k JPEG School Hill Tavern c1949 (courtesy Gerry McKenzie)

From Gerry McKenzie: Thought you may like this picture of the School Hill Tavern (The Skenner) My parents Martin & Winnie McKenzie Landlords 1949 to 1958. The School Hill Tavern was on the Junction School Hill, Haworth St and Davenport St. The Shop to the right of the picture was Leathers Bakers (not sure if the name was their surname or a comment on the pastry!)

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