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Virtual Walk - Crompton Place

Formerly the Arndale Centre, this started as the Acresfield Mall from Bradshawgate, in turn built from the street known as Acres Field, but named in the memory of Samuel Crompton. In the centre used to be a lit ornamental fountain and a large cage with birds in it. They both became disused and were cleared away when refurbishment took place in the late 1980's. There is an internal picture taken from a similar view of the one below, further down this page.

There is now an official web site for Crompton Place at

[inside showing ramp and steps]

107k JPEG February 1996

This view is from the Exchange Street Entrance. Go out onto Exchange Street on the virtual walk.

[inside mall]

96k JPEG March 1996

This view is from the Hotel Street Entrance. Go out onto Hotel Street on the virtual walk

[open area inside mall]

115k JPEG March 1996

This view is towards the Bradshawgate Entrance. As this started as the Acresfield Mall, some shops here retain the address of Acresfield Mall. Go out onto Bradshawgate on the virtual walk

[large open area inside and stall]

151k JPEG March 1996

This central area was where the fountain and birdcage was. The birdcage was unused for a long time and the pool was eventually emptied and plants put in. Now it forms part of the forecourt of a cafe and a display area.

[view into shipgates mall]

93k JPEG March 1996

This is looking into the Shipgates extension to Crompton Place which will lead you out onto Mealhouse Lane.

You may also go back the way you came by hitting your browsers BACK button.

[Old picture inside Arndale]

87k JPEG. Not sure where this came from!

This is an old picture from the inside, you can just see the birdcage, but the fountain has been emptied by this point.

[shop front in mall]

16k GIF 125k JPEG Acresfield Mall? c1950s

This is thought to be an early picture of Acresfield Mall.

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