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Hotel Street and Mealhouse Lane

This short street leads to Mealhouse lane past an entrance to Crompton Place, on to Shipgates, and further onto Deansgate.

[Stone fronted bank]

135k JPEG March 1996

This bank has been here many years and has changed name, it is now part of the Lloyds-TSB group. This is an old advertisement with a picture of this building dating from 1929 when it was the Bolton Savings Bank.

[Looking towards Mealhouse Lane from Hotel Street]

130k JPEG entrance to Crompton Place on the right, and Shipgates in the distance.

You may go inside Crompton Place.

[Mealhouse Lane]

124k JPEG entrance to Shipgates March 1996.

Go into Shipgates which connects with Crompton Place.

Go to Deansgate (in the distance on the left).

[Doorway and front of red bricked building]

118k JPEG the Crown and Cushion is above the ground floor February 1996

This pub hosts bands most evenings and serves meals during the day.

Go into Victoria Square
[Looking from Hotel Street to the town hall]

92k JPEG evening March 1996

This will take you into Victoria Square and the start point of the virtual walk. [busy street]

32k GIF 87k JPEG Mealhouse Lane May 2000

This view is from Deansgate.

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