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Bolton Savings Bank

[Advert for Bolton Savings Bank detailing rates]

100k JPEG taken from the Book of Bolton, courtesy Westhoughton Town Library

This is an original advertisement for this bank from 1929. The building today is still a bank but is now owned by the Trustee Savings Bank (TSB).

The text reads:

ESTABLISHED 1818. FROM ONE SHILLING UPWARDS may be deposited in the Bolton Savings Bank with absolute confidence the whole of the funds being under direct Government Control. The money may be withdrawn at any time. The conditions areas easy and simple as possible. High rates of Interest allowed by the Government. Compound Interest, without deduction of any kind, allowed in the Investment Department at 4%. BANK HOURS:- Wednesday 10 to 12. Other Days 10 to 4, and on Monday and Saturday Evenings from 6 to 8.

Go into Hotel Street and Mealhouse Lane on the virtual walk

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