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Moor Lane

This stretches from Bolton Institute down to Deansgate, past the Ashburner Street market, the Moor Lane bus station, to the corner of St Paul's church with Deansgate, at the corner of Spa Road. It also leads onwards to Marsden Road.

Go onto Ashburner Street
[view of stalls in street]

56k JPEG March 1996

This recently pedestrianised area contains a number of covered stalls, and the Ashburner Street covered market hall, fish and poultry market.

You may go inside Ashburner Street Market Hall

Go north to end of Deansgate
[north to junction]

82k JPEG St. Paul's March 1996

You can go along Deansgate which will take you into the town centre.

[church with a spire and road]

32k GIF 116k JPEG St. Pauls on Moor Lane May 2000

St Pauls has a web site at http://www.horrockses.freeserve.co.uk/.

Go onto Marsden Road.

Go onto Spa Road. [pub with hanging baskets]

32k GIF 123k JPEG The Albion on Moor Lane May 2000

This faces the market.

Go to Bolton Little Theatre which is just off Moor Lane.

Go to Derby Street
[view of street past store]

148k JPEG March 1996

The distinctive tower block of Bolton Institute is centre right, with J.Sainsbury a supermarket chain on the left.

Go in to Bolton Institute
[Bolton Institute]

69k JPEG

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