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Bolton Little Theatre

[red and white building]

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A popular theatre in Hanover Street just off Moor Lane. Contact the box office on +44 (0)1204 334400 for details on productions and booking.

The theatre has a web site at http://www.boltonlittletheatre.co.uk/.

[Bolton Little Theatre]

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This production list from 2004 remains for historical reasons, please consult the web site above for current productions.


by Ronald Harwood June 12th-19th 2004 A comedy set in a retirement home for opera singers Forge Studio

Tripe for Bolton Festival

by Roger Spencer (in house author) August 23rd - 28th Its 1954 in Bolton and the UCP tripe shop is as busy as the palais and the Grand theatre. Main Stage

Home and Beauty

by W. Somerset Maugham September 11th-18th 2004 Two husbands, one wife and many trouble makers in this classic farce Forge Studio

The Ghost Train

by Arnold Ridley October 14th - 23rd 2004 Ghostly apparitions and psychic stationmasters meet up in the waiting room of this classic comedy. Main Stage

Alice in Wonderland

adapted from Lewis Carroll November 27th - December 4th 2004 + Matinees This children's favourite comes to the stage at BLT. See the Mad Hatter, March Hare and all the rest. Main Stage

Classic Christmas

by Bolton Little Theatre December 15th - 18th 2004 an evening of Christmas readings, music, mulled wine and mince pies.


by David Hare January 15th - 22nd 2005 A tale of passion, separation and self-reliance. Forge Theatre

Dick Barton - Special Agent

by Phil Willmott February 19th - 26th 2005 A take of daring-do, drama, of action, of danger and a whole lot of laughs Main Stage


by Barry Hines & Lawrence Till April 2nd - 9th 2005 The powerful story that became a hit film. Billy Casper has little in life except his kestrel which he raised and trained himself. A must-see event. Contains strong language and violence. Forge Studio

Brassed Off

by Mark Herman & Paul Allen May 7th - 14th 2005 The grimley pit is closing and with it will go the brass band unless someone can save them Main Stage

Telephone Bookings Bolton Little Theatre Box Office on 01204 524469 Open 6.15pm - 8pm from the Monday before each play and from 6.45pm on the week of the play For Booking enquires at other times please Telephone the box office manager on 01204 842252 between 7pm and 8pm
Albert Halls Ticket Centre on 01204 334400 Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
Old Production list

22nd Feb - 1st March 1997

California Suite by Neil Simon.

12th - 19th April 1997

Holy Ghosts by Romulus Linney.

17th-24th May 1997

Good Companions by J.B.Priestley and Edward Knoblock

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