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West end of Deansgate

Go into Moor Lane
[looking into Moor Lane with a church on the right]

54k JPEG St. Paul's is on your right March 1996

Talking you into or past Ashburner Street and market, and up to Bolton Institute and Derby Street. You can also pop to see Bolton Little Theatre. and get a better view of St. Paul's. The White Lion public house is on the left.

[road and buildings]

33k GIF 126k JPEG West End of Deansgate December 2002


[narrow street]

34k GIF 118k JPEG Edmund Street December 2002

This ran at the rear of the old fire station building (now demolished).

[post office building]

122k JPEG Bolton main post office March 1996.

This opened on November 19th 1916. The post office moved from here to Victoria Square, then moved back again. Four traditional red telephone boxes stand outside this neo-georgian columned building. This is the head post office for Bolton, Bury and Wigan, the sorting offices lie some way out of town. The last time for collection at this office is 8.30pm weekdays, Sunday collection at 2.00pm.

[red brick building]

28k GIF 71k JPEG Deansgate west end view east March 2000

This is opposite the post office above, the Bolton YMCA is amidst these buildings.

[into Deansgate]

77k JPEG March 1996

Hen and Chickens pub.

Go into Blackhorse Street
[street and buildings]

32k GIF 128k JPEG Blackhorse Street from Deansgate December 2002

Leading to Ashburner Street and market.

[pub and buildings along road]

21k GIF 68k JPEG Deansgate West March 2000

On the left was the site of the Bolton Hippodrome.

Go east along Deansgate
[sunset street view]

33k GIF 96k JPEG Deansgate midway down at Sunset 1997

This will take you to the junction with Knowsley Street and Oxford Street. You can head towards Victoria Square or carry on down Deansgate.

[church spire and street corner]

19k GIF 48k JPEG View into Spa Road from end of Deansgate March 2000

To the right of this view is Marsden Road, straight on is Spa Road to Park Road. On the right hand corner of the junction is ESB Motorcycles, with a web site at http://www.esb-motorcycles.co.uk/.

[pub and road junction]

32k GIF 92k JPEG Gypsy's Tent pub and Spa Road December 2002

This updated view shows in the distance a new ports complex built on the former site of the old Nevada roller rink.

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