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Spa Road

From the end of Deansgate to the east at its junction with Moor Lane, under Queens Park and to Gilnow Mill.

North of here is Gilnow leading to Heaton..

[road view]

17k GIF 54k JPEG Spa Road east March 2000

With the Spa Road technology centre on the left looking towards the town centre.

[overgrown area]

18k GIF 55k JPEG Site of Nevada Rollerskating Rink on Spa Road March 2000

Destroyed by fire in the 1980's many Bolton people have fond memories of this roller skating venue.

North of here is Chorley New Road and Chorley Old Road junction up Chorley Street. [gasometers and grass]

13k GIF 46k JPEG Spa Road west and the Gasometers March 2000

These gasometers are clearly seen in the 1969 film Spring and Port Wine.

South of here takes you up College Way to the junction of Deane Road
[hump bridge road]

21k GIF 66k JPEG Mayor Street view south to College Way May 2000

This is Mayor Street leading from the junction of Spa Road and Park Road to the end of College Way.

[road junction trees and grass]

23k GIF 88k JPEG Spa Road junction with Park Road and Mayor Street April 2000

The gasometers can be seen at the far right, to the left is Park Road, and Spa Road crosses behind this picture leading to Gilnow Mill.

[leafy entrance]

30k GIF 131k JPEG Queens Park entrance from Park Road 1998

From Spa Road onto Park Road, this takes you into Queens Park.

[mill behind gates]

28k GIF 106k JPEG Gilnow Mill off Spa Road March 2000

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