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Queens Park

[gate pillars]

32k GIF 123k JPEG Queens Park Park Road entrance 1998

Park Road entrance.

[playground park]

27k GIF 116k JPEG Queens Park playground 1998

Just inside the main entrance.


173k JPEG River Croal in Queens Park March 1996

To the north east of the town centre with the River Croal running through Bolton Park, now named Queen's Park, which was opened on May 24th 1866 by Lord Bradford. There used to be a natural history museum (Chadwick Museum - started in 1878 by Mr. R.K.Freeman, opened 1884) in Queens Park, built by Samuel Chadwick, who's statue is in Victoria Square. However this building was demolished in 19?? when the museum was moved to its present site in the crescent.

The park is bounded by Spa Road and Chorley Old Road.


161k JPEG March 1996


[ducks and pond]

29k GIF 124k JPEG Queens Park duck pond March 2000

Home to quite a few birds.

[semi circular platform]

27k GIF 72k JPEG Queens Park pie crust March 2000

Locally known as the pie crust. This, among a few other locations inside Queens Park were used in the film Spring and Port Wine.

[grass seating]

23k GIF 72k JPEG Queens Park amphitheatre March 2000

A natural theatre.


26k GIF 104k JPEG Statue of Disraeli in Queens Park March 2000

A statue of Disraeli.


26k GIF 104k JPEG Statue of JP Fielding in Queens Park March 2000


24k GIF 92k JPEG State of ? in Queens Park March 2000

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