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River Croal

This page contains a few pictures of the Croal which is the principal river of Bolton on which early industry and life was built. Quite a lot of the river runs culverted, and there is a web site dedicated to the exploration of these sections at http://www.geocities.com/urbexers/

[paved river bed between buildings]

36k GIF 111k JPEG River Croal mid west town March 2000


[river being covered]

28k GIF 104k JPEG The Croal being covered for new development c1997

This picture was taken during the early stages of the new development being built on Bridge Street.

[paved river course]

26k GIF 137k JPEG River Croal mid west of town April 2001

Edmund Street links Bark Street and West end of Deansgate.

[river course heavy with water]

30k GIF 165k JPEG River Croal mid town April 2001

This is taken a little off Bark Street You should be able to make out the top of the gasometers in Spa Road.

[paved river]

35k GIF 143k JPEG River Croal view from Churchgate December 2002

This is a more up to date image of the one that appears in Churchgate.

Please email the webmaster to request additional depth, detailing what you want to see.

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