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Bark Street

You are now in Bark Street which connects Knowsley Street and Chorley Street under Marsden Road. It is interrupted on the other side of Knowsley Street by the Market Place, the other side of which off Bridge Street is Bark Street East.

[road under bridge]

23k GIF 126k JPEG Bark Street west end April 2001

Over the bridge runs Marsden Road, the crest names Peter C Marsden Chairman of Streets Committee 1876, with Charles Wolfrenden Mayor. Underneath the bridge is Chorley Street, leading to junction of Chorley New Road and Chorley Old Road.

[river course heavy with water]

30k GIF 165k JPEG River Croal mid town April 2001

This is at the eastern end of Bark Street.

[bridge over winding street]

25k GIF 116k JPEG Pool Street and Edmund Street junction April 2001

[cleared site and church spire]

22k GIF 108k JPEG Former site of Fire Station Marsden Road and Edmund Street APril 2001

This is looking at the West end of Deansgate and the old fire station has been demolished.

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