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Deane Road junction Moor Lane

[motorcylists and road]

17k GIF 60k JPEG Deane Road into town centre March 2000

College Way is on your right.

Go to Moor Lane
[supermarket and roads]

13k GIF 38k JPEG Moor Lane view from end of Deane Road May 2000

The fire station is on the left and supermarket to the right.

[flats and road junction]

23k GIF 50k JPEG College Way junction facing north to Spa Road March 2000

To Spa Road, and you can just see the top of the gasometers.

Go onto Deane Road (virtual drive) [lamposts and buildings]

22k GIF 65k JPEG Deane Road up to Deane March 2000

Leading up to Deane, and Rumworth. The building on the right is a Seventh Day Adventist Church.

[junction view]

22k GIF 70k JPEG Deane Road junction with College Way 1997

Go left onto College Way.

[road past pub]

26k GIF 84k JPEG Deane Road view west to Deane March 2000

Up to Deane.

Go to Bolton Institute [view past tower block]

17k GIF 40k JPEG Deane Road view west 1998

See the Institute in more detail. There is also a little history on the computer systems during the time I worked there.

You can go onto Derby Street.

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