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Derby Street

There is a set of old pictures from this area starting with this page and four further pages.

[street and college]

42k JPEG Bolton Institute left of centre, Derby Street leads off to the right February 1996

The end of Derby Street is the junction with Trinity Street. Centre right is an old school building, now occupied by the BIHE Students Union, and lower down are a few pictures from 1970's.

Go onto Fletcher Street.

It is possible to go to the junction of Deane Road and Moor Lane.

Go onto College Way
[past pub down street]

20k GIF 69k JPEG view north from end of Derby Street April 2000

The Derby Arms on the corner of College Way.

[houses and street]

20k GIF 67k JPEG Derby Street up to Daubhill March 2000

Up towards Sunning Hill.

Go to Bolton Institute
[college buildings]

86k JPEG March 1996

Go into Trinity Street
[dual carriageway]

21k GIF 151k JPEG East down Trinity Street 1996

to the Water Place or to the bus - rail interchange.

[red brick church]

26k GIF 98k JPEG St Peter and St Paul's RC church

Up Fletcher Street.

Go onto Moor Lane
[street and hammer]

135k JPEG steam hammer on the right April 1996

This will take you past Ashburner Street and market, to the far end of Deansgate.

Go into Modern Radio
[outside of shop]

82k JPEG 1996

An electronics shop.

Next door is Exford Computer Systems, http://www.exford.co.uk/. (awaiting updated junction photo). Also a little further up is Paul Davies Discount Domestics at http://www.discountdomestics.com/. [road and shops]

19k GIF 88k JPEG Derby Street to town centre March 2000

Lower mid Derby Street.

[old street view]

30k GIF 443k JPEG Derby Street from Pilkington Arms / Lord Nelson 1972 by permission

This may be a similar view to the above, but in 1972.

[shops along road]

20k GIF 72k JPEG Derby Street up to Sunning Hill March 2000

From lower mid Derby Street up towards Sunning Hill.

[cars and street]

22k GIF 99k JPEG Derby Street into town 1996

Taken as the early evening sun sets over Bolton and the rush hour traffic makes its way out of Bolton.

[road and mill]

22k GIF 72k JPEG Derby Street and Derby Mill March 2000

This is looking down towards the town centre, with Sunning Hill behind you. The Derby Mill is on the left with the town hall clock visible in the distance. [red brick pub datestone 1884]

34k GIF 131k JPEG The Albert, Derby Street February 2003


Grey Man on Derby St

This next set of three pictures are courtesy of Dennis Jackson. [pub with landlords in doorway]

32k GIF 538k JPEG Grey Man with Mr and Mrs Annie Ridings 1972 by permission

The last landlords.

[view up road]

37k GIF 466k JPEG View west up Derby Street fom the Grey Man 1972 by permission

A very large number of the buildings, on both sides of the road no longer exist.

[rubble of demolished building]

34k GIF 597k JPEG Grey Man demolished 1972 by permission

With this building demolished, you can see clearly the school behind it.

[large building being demolished]

34k GIF 603k JPEG Gregory and Porritts Warehouse demolition 1972 by permission

Being demolished.

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