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Trinity Street (western end)

Go into eastern end of Trinity Street
[east view down a dual carriageway]

70k JPEG the Sweet Green Tavern on the right February 1996

To the bus - rail interchange, Newport Street and past to Bradshawgate.

Go into the Sweet Green Tavern
[outside of pub]

170k JPEG

The Sweet Green Tavern on Crook Street, a favourite haunt of college students and beer connoisseur alike.

Go to the Water Place
[Water place entrance and tower to the slides]

50k JPEG March 1996

A fun pool with a wave machine, two slides, a rubber ring ride and giant jacuzzi.

Go onto Derby Street
[dual carriageway with tower block in distance]

61k JPEG March 1996

Where you can go into Bolton Institute or down into Moor Lane.

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