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Sunning Hill

Part of Daubhill. [school with fancy railings]

20k GIF 57k JPEG Sunning Hill School March 2000

The metal work on the fence is worth a closer look.

[road view]

21k GIF 75k JPEG St Helens Road at Sunning Hill view east March 2000

Looking down towards Derby Street.

[view up road]

18k GIF 54k JPEG Derby Street west to Sunning Hill March 2000

Towards to the of Sunning Hill

[view down road]

18k GIF 60k JPEG Derby Street east into town March 2000

Down to Derby Street.

[road view]

20k GIF 73k JPEG St Helens Road at Sunning Hill view west March 2000

Out towards Daubhill and Morris Green.

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