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Virtual Drive - Daubhill, Bolton

This place, pronounced 'dobble' by the locals, the name was probably derived from the fact that daub, and old name for clay, could be obtained, used as a building material. Founded on this T and J Higsons Brickworks on Bella Street supplied the area with bricks during the 19th century.

A lower district is Sunning Hill.

[mill alongside road]

19k GIF 59k JPEG Daubhill east view to Sunning Hill March 2000

View down to Sunning Hill.

[tudor style pub]

25k GIF 89k JPEG Stags Head Daubhill March 2000

At the Morris Green Lane junction, to Morris Green.

[road junction]

23k GIF 83k JPEG St Helens Road junction Morris Green Lane March 2000

With Over Hulton behind you.

Another web site for the area is at http://www.3dsbolton.co.uk/

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