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Morris Green

Morris Green is at the top of Lever Edge south of Daubhill.

There are some pictures of Lever Edge Lane from 1949 in the then and now pages.


22k GIF 71k JPEG Morris Dancers Public house, Morris Green March 2000

Named after the area.

[street corner]

21k GIF 71k JPEG Lever Edge Lane from Morris Green March 2000

Leading down Lever Edge Lane.

[fields and house]

21k GIF 61k JPEG View south from Morris Green towards Plodder Lane March 2000

This narrow track road leads through to Plodder Lane. It goes past the Hayward sports and leisure centre, phone number 01204 656819.

[shop front]

29k GIF 95k JPEG Morris Green 9 to 9 shop March 2000

The local corner shop stocks all manner of electrical items, even coloured bulbs to order. They have a web site at http://www.e-bolton.co.uk/01204653442/

[park through gates]

30k GIF 117k JPEG Morris Green Park March 2000

At the side of the pub.

In Morris Green Lane is Jennies Pet Store at http://www.jenniespetstore.co.uk/

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