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Towards Bolton from Rumworth, Deane, and the parish of Deane was once the most influential parish within the area now known as Bolton Metropolitan Borough. Similarly the name has a religious derivation, the last 'e'e being added relatively recently. The church, established in 1452 has a stream running nearby named Kirkbroke, meaning Church Brook.

The Heatons were an important family in the Deane area, and there is further information at http://www.heaton.celtic.co.uk/deane/

The sports and leisure centre phone number is 01294 656033.

North west of here is Ladybridge. East is Deane Road. South is Hulton Lane leading to Hulton Mount.


23k GIF 68k JPEG Deane Church Inn 1996

Wigan Road. Behind here is Deane Church.

[inn and road]

27k GIF 80k JPEG Deane and Church Inn 1996


[houses and road junction]

19k GIF 51k JPEG Wigan Road towards Rumworth 1999

Next district along is Rumworth.

[church through trees]

35k GIF 337k JPEG Deane Church from the east April 1996

Central to Deane is the Parish Church, St. Mary's and there's more detail on the history here.

[small stream in valley]

37k GIF 219k JPEG Deane Clough and Kirk Brook January 2003

This used to be quite a popular area for children to play many years ago.

[stone pulpit and church]

33k GIF 142k JPEG St. Mary's Deane Church graveyard April 1996

This feature is in the front part of the graveyard.

[graveyard and trees]

28k GIF 111k JPEG Croal Valley from Deane April 1996

With Kirkbroke Brook (Church Brook) to the right, this valley contains the Croal and Middlebrook and rises to Chorley New Road.

[sandstone gothic building]

33k GIF 154k JPEG Residential conversion January 2003

Jack Greenwood provides this information: This building, situated on the corner of Junction Road and Horsfield street, did belong to Deane Church but, immediately before it was converted into a residence, it was part of Deane School. My wife and I attended this school and the building concerned housed the classes for 5,6 and 7 year olds, i.e. it contained three classrooms. We were both in the same class together from 1934. The first floor was the home of the 1st. Deane Cubs and Scouts of which I was a member until I was about seventeen. It was converted in 1964. I have gleaned the dates from a booklet -- "A Short History of Deane Church School" by Robert Walmsley. There may be a copy in the Bolton Library. The history states that it has been used as a school from 1820 until 1964. Prior to 1820 the school was opposite the Lych Gate of the church. Horsfield Street is named after a former master of the school, from 1839 to 1870, John Horsfield.

[pub and road junction]

32k GIF 89k JPEG Junction Road to Wigan Road May 2000

Turning right takes you to Rumworth, left is down Wigan Road.

[road and wall]

32k GIF 99k JPEG Junction Road past Deane Church May 2000

The church wall can be seen on the right.

[houses and trees]

25k GIF 76k JPEG Junction Road Deane view north May 2000

This view is out towards the Ladybridge estate.

Another website for the area is at http://www.3dsbolton.co.uk/

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