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Deane Road

The A676 leading from Deane into the centre of Bolton. This takes you into the virtual walk with the junction with Moor Lane. [view into town]

23k GIF 66k JPEG Wigan Road leading into Deane Road down into Bolton May 1996

Just on your left is Haslam Park, with Withins area off to your right.


27k GIF 86k JPEG Cafe Vienna, Deane, April 1996

At the side of Haslam Park.

[building with menu boards]

37k GIF 149k JPEG Cafe Vienna Deane May 2003

Updated view.

[grass trees and wall]

33k GIF 168k JPEG Haslam Park, Deane 1996

Since this picture, ornate railings and named gates have gone up. Bolton school can be seen over the valley.

[old pub and street]

18k GIF 53k JPEG Lower Deane Road view east into town March 2000

From Deane towards Bolton town centre is Deane Road. The area has recently been subject to a lot of road and building work and the introduction of a bus lane.

[house lined street]

20k GIF 53k JPEG View up Deane Road to Haslam Park 1999

A few retail shops on the left and houses and flats on the right.


23k GIF 68k JPEG Croal Mill off Deane 1997

This mill has the name Croal around its tower.

[old building and cobbled street]

32k GIF 136k JPEG Old Co-operative building Deane Road September 2000

Note the cobbled street leading to the former co-operative society building in Deane.

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