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Hulton Lane

Hulton Lane connects Deane with Hulton Mount

[terraced houses along road]

24k GIF 95k JPEG Hulton Lane north view south May 2000

This view is from the Deane end of Hulton Lane.

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[trees and houses]

27k GIF 92k JPEG Hulton Lane mid view south May 2000

This mid way view is to Hulton Mount.

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[road and houses with trees]

25k GIF 86k JPEG Hulton Lane mid view north

The view to Deane.

[houses along road]

24k GIF 93k JPEG Hulton Lane south view north May 2000

The view from Hulton Mount end of Hulton Lane.

[reb brick mill with many windows]

19k GIF 56k JPEG The Mill at Chip Hill April 1999

At the end of Chip Hill Road which crosses Hulton Lane is this mill which dominates the distant skyline of Deane and can be seen from the M61.

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