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Hippodrome Theatre Deansgate

The Hippodrome theatre in the west end of Deansgate Bolton does not exist today, but permission was recently obtained for a number of pictures of it. Before it was called the Hippodrome, it was called the Empire Theatre of Varieties.

[tall theatre front]

13k GIF 100k JPEG Hippodrome Theatre, Deansgate c1950 (by permission)

This theatre once dominated Deansgate.

[tall building in row of shops]

14k GIF 77k JPEG Hippodrome c1950 (by permission)

Beyond the theatre, Aspin Hall can be seen above Whitakers department store.

[large building and lawn]

12k GIF 92k JPEG Rear of Hippodrome c1950 (by permission)

This picture is probably taken from Cheadle Square at the rear of the Crescent.

[rooftops and skyline]

17k GIF 108k JPEG Overlooking the Hippodrome and Deansgate c1950 (by permission)

This picture was probably taken from the top of the fire station in Marsden Road. The post office in deansgate can be clearly seen opposite the theatre.

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