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Commercial Hotel

On the corner of Oxford Street and Hotel Street, backing on to Market Street and facing Victoria Square, this was one of Bolton's most well known pubs. It closed around 1970 and was demolished 1972 to make way for a 'Mothercare' store. Magee's Ales was a local brewer.

[open street area]

16k GIF 120k JPEG Commercial Hotel from the Crescent 1972

To the left is Oxford Street, and forward in the distance is Hotel Street and the TSB, leading to the Bolton Evening News buildings in Mealhouse Lane.

[benches and building]

19k GIF 146k JPEG Commercial Hotel from Victoria Square 1972

Just a year or two earlier, this area was pedestrianised and benches set out.

[large building]

18k GIF 112k JPEG Commercial Hotel from Victoria Square 1972

This aspect shows the large planters used as bollards to prevent vehicles entering the square. On the left hand side of the building is Oxford Street, on the right is Market Street.

[corner of large building]

15k GIF 112k JPEG Commercial Hotel from Hotel Street 1972

On the right of this picture is Market Street and behind you is the Arndale Centre, now Crompton Place.

[corner of large building]

19k GIF 143k JPEG Commercial Hotel from Oxford Street 1972

This corner is on Oxford Street.

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