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Bradshawgate junction with Great Moor Street


87k JPEG Cannon cinema with Laserquest next door March 1996

This was the last cinema in town, it had three screens and was built in the heyday of cinema. It closed in January 1998, replaced by a multiplex at Middlebrook. Next door is Laserquest, an electronic fantasy shooting game.

Go north to Nelson Square
[looking north]

106k JPEG March 1996

From Nelson Square you can go into St. Andrews Court and Exchange Street, or carry on past towards Churchgate.

Go south along Bradshawgate
[view south]

62k JPEG March 1996

This will take you to the junction with Trinity Street, and also to Bolton Metropolitan College.

Go into Great Moor Street
[west into Great Moor Street]

101k JPEG March 1996

Taking you up to the junction with Newport Street.

[pub in street]

32k GIF 132k JPEG Muldoons December 2002

One of a number of Irish themed pubs in Bolton. This has in fact been taken over and now is called Muldoons (1999) and they have a web site at http://members.lycos.co.uk/pubmuldoons/

[pub front]

25k GIF 102k JPEG Durty Nelly's Bradshawgate 1996

This is as the above was when opened in c1995.

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